I first became interested in Reiki in 2003 and shortly after, I got attuned to the first level.  Once I got started, I couldn’t wait to progress.  By March 2004 I had obtained the level of Master/Teacher.

It is my first passion over any other treatment I offer.  And I love being able to give people the opportunity to learn it.  To be able to assist them on a brand new journey and watching them progress is so rewarding!

I also enjoy using crystals and my pendulum along with Reiki.  It makes it much more powerful and cuts treatment time in half.  I give all students a clear quartz pendulum when they do the first level course with me.  I find it an invaluable tool and was very helpful in the first few months when learning.

I offer 1 hour Reiki sessions and Classes.  Please see My Prices page for more information.

So what is Reiki?

Pronounced Ray Key – it is a Japanese word consisting of two characters “Rei” and “Ki”.

Rei – is Japanese for spiritual or sacred

Ki – is Japanese for energy.

This literally translates as Spiritual Energy

Rei represents the Holy Spirit, Mystery, Gift, Nature Spirit or Invisible Spirit. Ki represents the Physical Energy of Nature, Talent or Feelings.

Reiki is not a substitute of conventional medicine, but it can be a useful complimentary therapy.

It is also an effective healing method

It focuses on our bodies energy centres.  Theses energy centres are called Chakras.  They are spinning wheels of energy, and when these aren’t functioning fully then we become ill.  So the focus is to clear any blockages that are in these and this in turn will help heal the body on a mental, emotional and physical level.  It is a very relaxing treatment that produces deep relaxation.  The majority of clients will fall asleep during a session.  This treatment will never cause any harm as it is a completely natural therapy.  You also remain fully clothed throughout.

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