Hypno-Reiki is combining Hypnosis and Reiki together.


Hypnosis and Reiki on their own are both extremely powerful therapies and work on the mind, body and spirit so theatrically the 2 combined should make for something even better!

Some clients find it difficult to relax fully in a chair for hypnosis. I feel that a session of reiki before the actual hypnosis would allow the client to be more relaxed state and more open to accepting the hypnotic suggestions they need.

This therapy will help you to release any old emotions, stress and anxiety and help improve your own health.

Your first session will consist of a consultation.  This will be followed by a session of Reiki and a basic healing hypnosis.  Please allow up to 2 hours for this session.

The following session will be around an hour long and will be a personalised script that I have written for you along with Reiki.

This has proved to be very successful and popular so far.  My clients have all reported how relaxing this therapy is.  So why not give it a try for yourself?

If you require any more info, have any questions or wish to book an appointment then just give me a call.

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