Crystal Light Therapy Bed

Peace of Mind Therapies are so pleased to be able to offer this amazing therapy to you – Crystal Light Therapy Bed. According to the manufacturer I’m the only person in the Highlands and the second person in Scotland to offer this. 

What is a Crystal Light Therapy bed? 

It is a healing technique that can clear any blockages within your chakras to help bring them back into balance thus increasing the overall energy within your body.  Just like most other holistic therapies that I offer, it’s all about energy, cleansing your energy field, clearing blockages, bringing about balance and allowing healing to commence. 

The crystals produce deep cellular healing that helps to release buried emotions and issues that block a person from moving forward in life and achieving their dreams

By raising the vibration of the person, the debris that no longer serves them can begin to fall away.  The person then integrates the shift, releases the emotions and gains freedom from past patterns and beliefs that were locked in their DNA at that lower vibrational frequency.

Freedom comes from accessing the truth of your heart and being. The truth has just been locked away under layers and layers of conditioning, beliefs and emotional pain. The crystal bed helps you shift the layers and unfold the pain and the past, so insights surface and freedom from the past occurs. The crystal bed helps to free a person from the emotional, spiritual and physical density that is held within their bodies. It enables this weight to drop off and light to take its place.

About the crystals

The crystal bed is made up of 7 Vogel cut quartz crystals.  These are attached to a wooden frame that is suspended above the bed where you are lying down.  Each crystal has it’s own frequency and colour that is associated to each of your 7 chakras (energy centres) and meridians in the body.  The lights emitted from the unit also add another powerful aspect to this treatment.  The light enters the cells providing the energy required for the body to initiate its own healing process.

Just like the lights that are in my infrared sauna.  Each colour has its own healing properties.  This is also known as Chromotherapy lighting.  You can find out more about what each colour does from my infrared sauna page.

If you would like further information then I’m happy to supply that.  Just drop me an email. 

What happens during my session?

You’ll be asked to lie down on the therapy bed (fully clothed).  I will then bring the light unit over the top of you.  The bed is very comfortable, and it’ll be warmed up for you. You’ll have a pillow and a blanket so that you can fully relax.  I will also place a rose quartz eye mask on you.  I will then place some headphones on you so that you can be fully engaged in this experience and allow you to enter a deep mediative state.  The music is a mix of Binaural beats and soft gentle sounds of waves and singing birds.  If you prefer not to wear headphones that’s absolutely fine, I can play the music through a speaker instead.  

I then switch on the unit and adjust the lights so that they are in the perfect position to penetrate into each chakra.  You’ll be there for your chosen time – 30 or 45 minutes.  

Most people will feel very relaxed and probably zone out for a time, and you may be aware of different sensations as the light and crystals do their work.  Not everyone will be aware of this, it depends on how sensitive you are to the feeling of energy. 

What are the benefits of the Crystal Light Bed

​As with many different healing therapies, we’re clear that no claims can be made that any disease can be cured. However, there are many reports of from people describing their own personal healing, which are occurring on a daily basis throughout the world, with medical validation. The healing experience can occur on a number different levels; spiritual, mental, emotional and physical with many people who have had “Crystal Bed Healing sessions” reporting some of the following benefits:

The lights and crystals help balance the etheric field while simultaneously cleansing it. This helps to raise the client’s energy bodies and deep mental and physical healing.

Other benefits are:

Stimulates your immune system
Creates a positive influence on your cell communication
Calms and rebalances your nervous system
Restores function of your hormonal system
Decreases pain, spasms and muscular dysfunctions
Releases negative emotions such as depression, grief, fear, anger, jealousy and hatred
Totally vitalises and purifies your mind, body and spirit
Feelings of relaxation and peace
A deep, restful sleep

An abundant feeling of peace and well-being

A deeper spiritual understanding of themselves and their life situations

Gaining insight into their future path 

We recommended to have at least 3 to 5 sessions to really feel the maximum benefits of this fabulous therapy.

How much does it cost and can I have it alongside another therapy?

30 minute Crystal light bed therapy £25 

45 minute crystal light bed therapy £30 

You can mix and match this with other therapies

Crystal light bed with Reiki – 30 minutes of each – £40 

Crystal Light Pamper – Crystal bed, Thai foot and leg massage & Reiki – 30 minutes of each £70 

I’m happy to add this to any other therapy that you like, please ask me and I’ll sort something out for you.