New Reiki Courses 2019

Reiki 1 – January 20th (Sunday) 10.30 to 5pm

Reiki 1 – January 26th (Saturday) 10.30 to 5pm

Reiki 2 – February 2nd (Saturday) 10.30 to 5pm

Further dates to be arranged.

Please note that our house is currently on the market so I’m not forward planning courses by more than a month in advance at the moment.

New online crystal store


NEW APRIL 2018 – ONLINE CRYSTAL SHOP – I now have an online store selling crystal jewellery, pendulums, chakra healing kits, crystal tumblestones, Himalayan salt lamps, tarot cards, sage sticks and more.  I only hold a very small stock but I also welcome you if you would like to see anything personally.  New stock been added on a regular basis. Very competitive prices.


Reiki Level 1 – 27th January


The next level 1 Reiki course is on January the 27th 2018.

These is just 1 space left on this one, so don’t leave it too late before booking your space.  You can either book it from this website or contact me on 07738 790979.  Thanks

New Reiki Courses 2018

Hi Everyone!

I have added some new Reiki courses for 2018 🙂

Reiki Level 1 courses – This is your introduction to the exciting world of Reiki. You will receive your attunement to Reiki and be taught the hand positions etc. This is a full day course with additional evenings/days added on for you to practice on people here.

Support is always ongoing. Detailed manual is supplied and certificate awarded at the end. Each student is also given a pendulum.

Do you suffer from anxiety, depression or pain? Do you find it difficult to sleep or relax? Reiki 1 is focused on healing yourself (But not exclusively, you can practice it on family and friends). Using Reiki daily will help you immensely, it’s so easy to learn and do. Let me open you up to a whole new world ?

Lunch and refreshments are included.

Cost of the course is £90. Deposit is required to secure your place. Easy payment plan is available if required.


Dates for Reiki level 1  – January 27th, February 24th and March 3rd, 7th April, 21st April, 5th May, 9th June 2018


Reiki Level 2 Courses – Take your Reiki a step further and move onto Level 2. When you pass level 2, you’re classed as a Reiki practitioner and you will be able to practice and charge members of the public (with the appropriate insurance in place).

In Level 2 you will learn about the Reiki symbols, how to draw them, what they mean, how, when and where to use them. Reiki 2 brings a deeper level of understanding to your Reiki.

You will also learn about the following:

3 pillars of Reiki – the Gassho Meditation, Reijo-ho and Chiryo.

Byosen scanning, Kenyoku, Koki-ho, Gyoshi-ho, Jacki-Kiri Joka-ho.

Distance healing, how to do it and different methods to send healing.

Crystals – how to use them during a healing, how to cleanse and energise them using Reiki.

How to cleanse rooms/areas using Reiki

Now that you are level 2, you’re classed as a reiki practitioner so we will also go over the business side of Reiki

As well as receiving your Level 2 attunement, you will receive a very detailed manual and a certificate on completion.
Extra training sessions are available to you whenever you require them and lifelong support.

For further information and to book your place on this course then please contact me for further information.

Lunch and refreshments are included.

Cost is £130. Deposit required at time of booking. Easy payment plan available if required.

Dates for Reiki Level 2 – March 10th, May 19th, June 30th 2018


Reiki Master & Reiki Master Teacher Courses – Please get in touch with me to arrange a suitable date.  You have a choice of either learning the Master course or Master/Teacher.


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